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Cagliari - Sardinia

Sardinia’s largest city (with a little over 150,000 people) and its capital for centuries, Cagliari on the island’s south coast offers the perfect mix of recreation and exploration options. The five-mile-long Poetto Beach is among the best city beaches on the Mediterranean, and together with the adjacent Marina Piccola, satisfies all manner of sun and sea pursuits. Seekers of culture will love Cagliari’s old district, Castello, where 13th-century towers still guard the medieval city walls.

Accommodation options

It's quite easy to find a place where to sleep in Cagliari.

The tourist visiting Cagliari has at his disposal several types of accommodation capable of meeting all sort of prices and requirements: hotels, residences, bed & breakfasts, apartments to rent, arbnb, situated everywhere in the whole city territory, and along the town and the Lungomare Poetto.

Organise your own apartment or hotel.

We recommend you stay close to Bastione di Saint Remy .


Plan to take a summer holiday and Tango with us.

1 week of TANGO classes


milonga with the  locals

Enjoy Cagliari with Lucia & Gerry

  • Visit Poetto Beach, seven Kilometres of white sand

  • Eat the finest italian pizza

  • See the sights of the city

  • Drink superb italian coffee

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